We are a licensed Brake and Lamp Inspection Center for the State of California and a Licensed Smog Inspection and Repair Station.

Our main services also include:

  • Air conditioning
  • Brakes
  • Tune-ups
  • Electrical repair
  • Engine repair
  • Oil changes
  • Radiator and cooling system service
  • Steering and suspension
  • Transmission service

Air Conditioning

A correctly functioning air conditioning system is an important part of your vehicle and driving comfort. During the hot months in the desert... it’s mandatory. Whether you have a refrigerant leak, issues with your air conditioning compressor or any other A/C issues, we’ll take care of it. 

The following may be indications of an air conditioning problem:

  • Failure to blow air
  • Lack of pressure when the air is blowing
  • Air is warm or hot when blowing

A/C Recharge Service

We offer air conditioning evacuate and recharge services. We will verify proper pressure and temperature control to make sure your vehicle air conditioning is recharged properly.


Are you confident that your brakes will stop when needed? Does your car make noise or cause vibrations when you brake? We will diagnose your complete braking system to make sure it is working properly to keep you safe on the road. Our technicians will repair, install and maintain your brakes so you have confidence on the road.

Electrical Repair

We will diagnose and repair any electrical issues you may be experiencing. Whether it is switches, adapters, circuit breakers, head lights and tail lights, or trailer plugs. Our technicians  provide professional electrical service and repair.

Engine Repair

Is your engine healthy? The better you take care of your engine, the longer it will last. Let us help you stay on top of your engine maintenance. If you are experiencing engine problems, we have the expertise to diagnose and solve your engine troubles.

Engine Tune-Up

With proper engine tune-ups at scheduled intervals, you can maintain your engines power and performance. Replacing parts like spark plugs, fuel filters and air filters will help your car run smoother and more efficiently. Regular engine maintenance help lower emissions, improve fuel economy and maintain proper power.

Tune-ups may include:

  • Complete visual inspection of all engine components.
  • Timing and idle settings as applicable 
  • Air filter Replacement
  • Fuel filter replacement

Oil Changes

Regular oil changes are the best thing you can do to help keep your engine healthy. With regularly scheduled oil changes, you will insure a longer lasting, better performing and more efficient engine.

If you prefer conventional, synthetic, or blended oil, we handle it all. If you’re not sure what is best for your car, we will educate you on all the different oils and help you make the best choice for you.

Oil Leaks

It’s best to bring your car in at the first sign of a leak. Our service professionals will visually inspect the vehicle and identify the problem. During our regular service oil changes, we will always inspect the vehicle for any issues like oil leaks. Small inexpensive problems can lead to large and expensive engine problems if they are not caught early.

There are many causes of oil leaks including:

  • Bad, cracked or missing drain plug gasket
  • Damaged or aged gaskets and hoses.
  • Loose oil filter

If you have a leak our experts will diagnose the problem and provide the solution.

Motor Oil Recycling

We properly dispose of all oils and fluids so they may be recycled to protect our environment. 

Radiator and Cooling System Service

The cooling system is one of the leading cause of vehicle breakdowns. Even though the desert gets hot, your car’s engine doesn’t need to. With a properly functioning cooling system, your vehicle will stay cool even if it’s hot.

About the Radiator and Cooling System

Engines create a lot of heat with a lot of friction. Friction equals heat, in order to stabilize the heat you need to have a radiator, water pump, cooling fans, thermostat, coolant, pressure cap, reserve tank plus several hoses. 

The water pump sends coolant through the engine block, which runs through the thermostat, radiator and then back through the engine. The coolant absorbs the heat from the engine and cools it when running through the radiator.  It is important that this system work properly without leaks and with clean fluid.

After a full inspection by our trained technicians, we will replace, repair and flush your cooling system as necessary. We will make sure your engine doesn’t overheat so you’re not stuck on the road facing a costly repair.

Radiator service may include:

  • Pressurizing the cooling system to check for leaks
  • Visual inspection for coolant leaks
  • Check all coolant hoses
  • Check the water pump
  • Check all engine belts
  • Check the cooling fan and thermostat 

Steering and Suspension

Safety, stability, balance and smoothness. It’s important that your vehicles steering and suspension are setup and intact for a safe and comfortable ride. If you are experiencing any of the following, you need to bring your car in for an inspection:

  • Noise when you go over bumps
  • Vehicle bouncing
  • Too much play in the steering wheel
  • Uneven tire wear
  • Hard turning

We will diagnose your steering and suspension issues by doing a complete inspection. We will look at the complete front end, rear end, shocks, struts, coil springs, bushings, cv joints and axles, wheel bearings, differential, power steering pump, and power steering housing and fluid.

Transmission Service

The transmission has three primary jobs: Transfer power from the engine to the wheels, called torque; transfer the engines power to move the vehicle forwards or backwards; and allow the car to shift gears, which allows the vehicle to go a variety of speeds.

Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid changes will help maintain your engine health and performance. Check your fluid regularly and know vehicles suggested maintenance schedule for transmission service intervals.

Transmission problems may include:

  • Transmission shifting delays or pauses
  • Transmission slipping, jumping, or grinding during acceleration between gears
  • Car shaking at any speed
  • Fluid leaking under vehicle
  • Clunking, screeching, or whistling sounds from the vehicle
  • Dark or bad smelling transmission fluid from the transmission dip stick
  • Hard to move manual gear shifter or it won’t go into gear at all


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